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The Ghoul Next Door (Ghost Hunter):  Laurie, Victoria.

While on a hiatus from her show Ghoul Getters, psychic medium M. J. Holliday agrees to help her ex-boyfriend's soon-to-be brother-in-law, who, haunted by a possessive poltergeist, is a suspect in the murder of a young woman.

ORDER # M1213-1   $11-90   ISBN 9780451240606


A Chorus Lineup:  Charbonneau, Joelle.

While competing in the Show Choir National competition, singing coach Paige Marshall must find out who is sabotaging the competition before the fat lady sings.

ORDER # M1213-2   $11-90   ISBN 9780425252499


Home of the Braised (White House Chef):  Hyzy, Julie.

Preparing for an important state dinner, White House executive chef Olivia Paras discovers that the President's life is in danger, while her fiance discovers that his friend's murder is linked to the recent death of the secretary of defense.

ORDER # M1213-3   $11-90   ISBN 9780425262382


Murder Sends a Postcard (Haunted Souvenir Mysteries):  Fitfield, Christy.

Keyhole Bay, Florida souvenir shop owner Glory Martine, along with her haunted parrot Bluebeard, must solve the murder of an auditor who was about to expose the financial corruption at the local bank.

ORDER # M1213-4   $11-90   ISBN 9780425252291


Paws for Murder (Pet Boutique Mysteries):  Knox, Annie.

When the grand opening of her Trendy Tails Pet Boutique is marred by murder, Izzy McHale must help her best friend Rena sniff out the real killer after she is accused of the crime.

ORDER # M1213-5   $11-90   ISBN 9780451239501


Pecan Pies and Homicides (Charmed Pie Shoppe Mysteries):  Adams, Ellery.

Bakery shop owner Ella Mae LeFaye's sweet life takes a sour turn when a deadly arsonist tries to burn local businesses to a crisp.

ORDER # M1213-6   $11-90   ISBN 9780425252413


Playing with Fire:  Cook, J. J.

With the help of the former fire chief's ghost, Fire Chief Stella Griffin tries to find answers around his mysterious death until the lawman who is helping her is murdered, which ignites a new investigation and causes her family to try to persuade her to turn to Chicago.

ORDER # M1213-7   $11-90   ISBN 9780425252451


Tapestry of Lies (Weaving Mysteries):  Martin, Carol Ann.

When a custom order placed by a celebrity designer who has her sights on a local politician is unravelled by murder, weaver Della Wright must pull some strings to solve the case before her life gets even more tangled up.

ORDER # M1213-8   $11-90   ISBN 9780451413611


Zero-Degree Murder (Search and Rescue Mysteries):  Rowland, M. L.

When her teammate disappears while they are searching for missing hikers on Thanksgiving Day, Search and Rescue expert Gracie Kinkaid calls upon all of her survival skills to keep herself and injured hiker, British movie star Rob Christian, alive.

ORDER # M1213-9   $11-90   ISBN 9780425263662


Teacup Turbulence (Pet Rescue):  Johnston, Linda

When an obnoxious dog rescue worker is murdered while escorting teacup puppies from a Midwest shelter to Los Angeles, shelter manager Lauren must find out who wanted her euthanised.

ORDER # M1213-10   $11-90   ISBN 9780425259979


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