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Diners, Drive-Ins, and Death:  Wenger, Christine.

While helping her friend Antoinette Chloe Brown, a.k.a. ACB, open a drive-in movie theater in the vacant lot beside her diner, Trixie Matkowski must also help ACB clear her name when she becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her biker beau, Nick.

ORDER # M115-1   $11-50   ISBN 9780451415103


At the Drop of a Hat:  McKinlay, Jenn.

When one of their customers is accused of killing her boss, London hat-shop owners Scarlett Parker and Vivian Tremont must find the real murderer. Includes a 16-page teaser for Dark Chocolate Desire.

ORDER # M115-2   $11-50   ISBN 9780425258910


Feta Attraction:  Hardy, Susannah.

When her husband goes missing and her main competitor is found dead, Georgie Nikolopatos, the manager of a Greek restaurant and historic landmark in upstate New York, must find her husband and serve up a killer before someone else meets the same fate. Includes recipes.

ORDER # M115-3   $11-50   ISBN 9780425271650


Fry Me a Liver:  Rosen, Delia.

When a van plunges through the roof of her Jewish deli, Gwen Katz is barricaded inside with her employees and Nashville mayoral candidate Tootsie Pearl, and must find the putz responsible for turning her business into a culinary nightmare. Includes recipes.

ORDER # M115-4   $11-50   ISBN 9780758282033


Lie of the Needle:  Price, Cate.

While helping to produce the Hunky Men of Millbury calendar to save a 200-year- old farmhouse, antique shop owner Daisy Buchanan discovers that someone doesn't want to preserve the past when her close friend goes missing and the calendar photographer is found dead. Includes tips for vintage notions.

ORDER # M115-5   $11-50   ISBN 9780425258811


In Hot Water:  Cook, J. J.

The full-time fire chief of Sweet Pepper, Stella Griffin, while dealing with an angry resident who purchased her cabin and now wants to tear it down, teams up with the state's arson investigator to solve the murder of an ex-state representative who died in a suspicious house fire. Includes pepper recipes.

ORDER # M115-6   $11-50   ISBN 9780425252628


Snoop to Nuts:  Lee, Elizabeth.

When one of the judges of the Most Original Pecan Treat competition, Pastor Jenkins, falls over dead after tasting Miss Amelia Blanchard's entry, Lindy Blanchard must crack this tough case by finding out who wanted to frame her meemaw for murder. Includes nut recipes. By the author of A Tough Nut to Kill.

ORDER # M115-7   $11-50   ISBN 9780425261415


Mrs. Jeffries and the One Who Got Away:  Brightwell, Emily

When a woman is found strangled in a North London cemetery, Mrs. Jeffries must help Inspector Witherspoon revisit an old case that has haunted him for years.

ORDER # M115-8   $11-50   ISBN 9780425268100


Snow Way Out:  Husom, Christine.

While hosting a snow-globe-making class, curio shop manager Camryn Brooks becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation when someone's snow globe tableau depicts a real murder, forcing her to shake things up to find the real killer. Includes snow-globe-making projects and tips.

ORDER # M115-9   $11-50   ISBN 9780425270806


This Old Homicide:  Carlisle, Kate.

When she finds her elderly neighbor Jesse Hennessey dead and his home ransacked, contractor and part-time sleuth Shannon Hammer gives this case a complete overhaul as she tries to nail down a killer amidst a cast of shady characters.

ORDER # M115-10   $11-50   ISBN 9780451469205


Stiff Penalty:  Ryan, Annelise.

A pregnant Mattie Winston deals with the return of her estranged father as she investigates the strangely ominous death by barbecue fork of a high school teacher.

ORDER # M115-11   $11-50   ISBN 9781617734083


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