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Dark Chocolate Demise:  McKinlay, Jenn.

During the first annual Scottsdale Old Town Zombie Walk, Mel, Angie, and the entire Fairy Tale Cupcake crew, while selling horror-themed desserts to the hungry hordes, come face-to-face with an actual dead body in a prop casket that sends them on the hunt for a killer.

ORDER # M315-1   $11-70   ISBN 9780425258934


Buy a Whisker:  Ryan, Sofie.

While running a thrift store in North Harbor, Maine, Sarah and her rescue cat, Elvis, who has an uncanny ability to detect a lie, must collar a killer when a controversy over developing the waterfront results in murder.

ORDER # M315-2   $11-70   ISBN 9780451419958


A First Date With Death:  Orgain, Diana.

While starring in a reality TV show to find love, Georgia Thornton instead finds murder when one of her beaus meets a tragic end off the Golden Gate Bridge, forcing her to team up with her former fiancÚ, an undercover cop, to find out who doesn't want her to have her own happily ever after.

ORDER # M315-3   $11-70   ISBN 9780425271681


Five-Alarm Fudge:  DeSmet, Christine.

When a famous divinity fudge recipe from the 1860s, which is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in a local historical church, leads to murder, Ava Oosterling must find out who will go to any length to possess the valuable secret to the divine taste.

ORDER # M315-4   $11-70   ISBN 9780451416490


A Fright to the Death:  Eastman, Dawn.

Snowed in with their families at a hotel rumoured to be haunted, Clyde Fortune and her detective boyfriend, Mac, find themselves trapped with a cold-blooded killer and must rely on Clyde's, and her family's, psychic skills to solve the mystery before someone else meets the same fate.

ORDER # M315-5   $11-70   ISBN 9780425264485


Grave on Grand Avenue:  Hirahara, Naomi.

While dealing with the curious theft of her car, a 1969 Pontiac, LAPD bicycle cop - and aspiring homicide detective - Ellie Rush investigates the strange death of gardener Eduardo Fuentes that is linked to the mysterious disappearance of Xu, a Chinese superstar classical musician.

ORDER # M315-6   $11-70   ISBN 9780425264966


The Icing on the Corpse:  Mugavero, Liz.

When gourmet pet food chef Kristan Connor discovers that Frog Ledge's elderly historian was murdered, she unearths the dark secrets this picture-perfect town is hiding after digging up a connection to an unsolved death in 1948 that is strangely linked to the host of Celebrity Ghost Hunters.

ORDER # M315-7   $11-70   ISBN 9780758284822


Horse of a Different Killer:  Morrigan, Laura.

When her sister is accused of murdering her abusive ex- husband, animal behaviourist Grace Wilde, whose psychic ability gives her insight into the minds of all kinds of creatures, searches for a missing horse named Heart who is the only one who can help her rein in the real killer.

ORDER # M315-8   $11-70   ISBN 9780425257210


Lemon Pies and Little White Lies:  Adams, Ellery.

Providing magical desserts to the residents of the enchanted town of Havenwood, Georgia, Ella Mae LeFaye finds everything she loves in danger when a serious of mysterious deaths are linked to her, forcing her to whip up a recipe for catching a killer determined to settle an ancient score.

ORDER # M315-9   $11-70   ISBN 9780425276020


Murder Ties the Knot:  Fifield, Christy.

Souvenir shop owner Glory Martine must solve both a mystery and a murder when the quilt she ordered for her best friend's wedding goes missing and her supplier and husband are accused of murdering two men before one happy couple walks down the aisle and one is sent to jail.

ORDER # M315-10   $11-70   ISBN 9780425279243


Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco:  DiSilverio, Laura

Emulating one of her favorite literary sleuths, event planner Amy-Faye Johnson sets out to find the truth surrounding the death of Ivy, one of her fellow book-obsessed Readaholics, who supposedly committed suicide by poisoning.

ORDER # M315-11   $11-70   ISBN 9780451470836


Shadow of a Spout:  Cooper, Amanda.

When her grandmother Rose is accused of murdering an appraiser who claimed her prized antique teapot was a fake, Sophie must get Rose out of hot water by finding the real killer.

ORDER # M315-12   $11-70   ISBN 9780425265246


A Sticky Situation:  Crockett, Jessie.

When contractor Russ Collins uncovers the remains of a drifter named Spooner Duffy while restoring the town's Opera House, syrup maker Dani and her irksome Aunt Hazel must reveal a murderer's secret before the town of Sugar Grove, New Hampshire is stuck with a deadly reputation.

ORDER # M315-13   $11-70   ISBN 9780425260210


Wedding Duress:  Casey, Elizabeth Lynn.

While preparing for her upcoming nuptials, librarian Tori Sinclair must help a fellow member of the Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle unravel the mystery surrounding the death of her former nanny who took a fatal fall in her new employer's home.

ORDER # M315-14   $11-70   ISBN 9780425257869


Wicked Stitch:  Lee, Amanda.

When her nemesis, Clara, is found strangled to death by the scarf she had almost finished knitting, embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer, accused of the crime, must untangle the clues to clear her name and save her reputation.

ORDER # M315-15   $11-70   ISBN 9780451467409


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