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A Cookbook Conspiracy:  Carlisle, Kate

Sisters Brooklyn and Savannah investigate when a friend is found dead after receiving an antique cookbook with weird symbols and un- readable notes written in the margins in this new addition to best-selling series following One Book in the Grave.

ORDER # M514-1   $11-90   ISBN 9780451415974


Deadly Decor: Staging the Perfect Murder (Caprice De Luca Home Staging Mysteries):  Smith, Karen Rose.

High-end home stager Caprice De Luca must investigate the murder of a house painter who just happens to be her pregnant sister's former flame.

ORDER # M514-2   $11-90   ISBN 9780758284860


Engaged in Murder (Perfect Proposals Mysteries):  Parra, Nancy J.

Making the most of her unemployment, event planner Pepper Pomeroy helps her sister's boyfriend, Warren, set the stage for a perfect marriage proposal aboard a private jet, but things go disastrously awry when she stumbles upon a dead body in the hangar's ladies' room.

ORDER # M514-3   $11-90   ISBN 9780425270356


The Diva Wraps It Up (Domestic Diva Mysteries):  Davis, Krista.

When a series of unfortunate mishaps plague the holiday season, including a murder at the cookie swap, Sophie Watson must figure out who has been naughty enough to meet an untimely demise.

ORDER # M514-4   $11-90   ISBN 9780425258149


Independence Slay (Celebration Bay Mysteries):  Freydont, Shelley.

When a Revolutionary War re-enactor goes missing and a dead body winds up in his place, Liv Montgomery must put coordinating the Fourth of July festival on hold if she is ever going to find the killer.

ORDER # M514-5   $11-90   ISBN 9780425252567


Hot Fudge Frame-Up (Fudge Shop Mysteries):  DeSmet, Christine.

When candy shop owner Ava Oosterling is accused of murdering the fudge contest judge who had been badmouthing her candy all over town, she must stir up some trouble to clear her name.

ORDER # M514-6   $11-90   ISBN 9780451416483


Murder, Simply Stitched:  Alan, Isabella.

Quilter Angela Braddock, with the help of her late aunt's quilting circle, must piece together the clues to catch the real killer after her best friend is accused of murdering a township trustee during an auction.

ORDER # M514-7   $11-90   ISBN 9780451413642


Night of the Living Thread (Threadville Mysteries):  Bolin, Janet.

The owner of a trendy embroidery boutique, Willow must unravel a mystery involving glow-in-the-dark thread, Egyptian curses and haunted graveyards to save Halloween in Threadville.

ORDER # M514-8   $11-90   ISBN 9780425267998


Paw Enforcement:  Kelly, Diane.

A debut entry in a lighthearted series by the award-winning author of Death, Taxes, and Mistletoe Mayhem finds hotheaded rookie cop Megan Luz teamed with fluffy police dog, Sergeant Brigit, who assists Megan during a mall bombing investigation.

ORDER # M514-9   $11-90   ISBN 9781250048349


Razing the Dead (Museum Mysteries):  Connolly, Sheila.

When she discovers a dead body on a historic dairy farm that is being threatened with demolition, Nell Pratt, the president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society in Philadelphia, must dig deep into the past to solve a present-day murder.

ORDER # M514-10   $11-90   ISBN 9780425257135


Tempest in a Teapot (Teapot Collector):  Cooper, Amanda

Returning to her grandmother's tea house in Gracious Grove after her Manhattan restaurant goes under, Sophie Taylor finds herself in hot water after her old friend's future mother-in-law dies while sampling scones at a competing tea house.

ORDER # M514-11   $11-90   ISBN 9780425265239


Scene of the Climb (Pacific Northwest Mysteries):  Dyer-Seeley, Kate.

Gaming her way into becoming a writer for Northwest Extreme magazine, Meg Reed is assigned to cover a dangerous mountain-climbing expedition, which becomes deadly when a suspicious fall proves fatal.

ORDER # M514-12   $11-90   ISBN 9780758295316


Thread End (Embroidery Mysteries):  Lee, Amanda.

When she discovers the unusually wrapped dead body of a visiting art professor in town for the new exhibit at the Tallulah Falls museum, embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer must unravel a dangerous tapestry of deception and murder to catch a desperate killer.

ORDER # M514-13   $11-90   ISBN 9780451467393


The Whole Enchilada (Goldy Schulz):  Davidson, Diane 

After one of her best friends meets an untimely demise after attending a party she catered, Goldy Schulz must serve up a killer especially when she discovers that she is next on the hit list.

ORDER # M514-14   $11-90   ISBN 9780061348181


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