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Death With All the Trimmings:  Burdette, Lucy.

When the restaurant she's been assigned to interview the chef/owner is set on fire and a body is found in the charred wreckage, Hayley Snow must fan the flames to smoke out a killer before she finds herself in even more hot water.

ORDER # M1114-1   $11-50   ISBN 9780451465900


The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice:  Curtis, Waverly.

When someone tries to poison wealthy widow Lucille Carpenter's pampered pooches, aspiring P.I. Geri Sullivan and her talking Chihuahua, Pepe, must sniff out the culprit and keep him or her on a tight leash.

ORDER # M1114-2   $11-50   ISBN 9781617730627


Geared for the Grave:  Brown, Duffy.

Arriving on Mackinac Island to help her boss's father, Rudy, who broke his leg, run his bike shop, Evie Bloomfield finds her good deed turning into a murder investigation when Rudy's number one enemy dies in what looks like a freak bike accident.

ORDER # M1114-3   $11-50   ISBN 9780425268940


The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer:  Davis, Krista.

When the TV show Apparition Apprehenders descends on Wagtail's annual Halloween festivities - and their investigation of supernatural local legends leads to murder - Sugar Maple Inn owner Holly Miller must catch a flesh- and-blood killer.

ORDER # M1114-4   $11-50   ISBN 9780425262566


If You've Got It, Haunt I:  Pressey, Rose.

While attending the estate sale of deceased socialite Charlotte Meadows, vintage clothing shop owner Cookie Chanel gets more than she bargained for when Charlotte's ghost begs her for fashion advice and to find out who murdered her.

ORDER # M1114-5   $11-50   ISBN 9781617732492


Inspector Specter:  Copperman, E. J.

Surprised when hard-boiled ghost skeptic Detective Lieutenant Anita McElone arrives at her haunted guest-house asking for supernatural help in solving the murder of her former partner, Alison gets ghosts Paul and Maxie on the case, especially when Anita disappears.

ORDER # M1114-6   $11-50   ISBN 9780425269268


Keeper of the Castle:  Blackwell, Juliet.

While helping her boyfriend, Graham, who is managing the stone-by-stone reconstruction of an ancient Scottish building, uncover any paranormal activity, San Francisco contractor Mel Turner stumbles upon a dead body and must lay the foundation to trap a killer before they all meet the same fate.

ORDER # M1114-7   $11-50   ISBN 9780451465801


Paw and Order:  Kelly, Diane.

Fast on the trail of an elusive purse snatcher and pickpocket who is preying on tourists in town for the annual Stock Show and Rodeo, Forth Worth Police Officer Megan Luz and her K-9 partner Brigit must see that justice is served.

ORDER # M1114-8   $11-50   ISBN 9781250048356


Tagged for Death:  Harris, Sherry.

Using retail therapy to deal with her divorce, Sarah Winston, after a successful day finding yard sale treasures, is plunged into a mystery involving her ex-husband and his 19-year-old girlfriend after she discovers one of his old shirts with blood on it attached to one of her purchases.

ORDER # M1114-9   $11-50   ISBN 9781617730177


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