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Charms and Chocolate Chips (Magical Bakery Mysteries):  Cates, Bailey. 

etween brewing magically spiced treats at Honeybee Bakery and volunteering with a local conservation group, Katie Lightfoot barely has time to delve into her destiny as a witch, until she finds herself once again mixed up in murder.

ORDER # M1013-1   $12-40   ISBN 9780451240620


All Fudged Up (A Candy-Coated Mystery With Recipes):  Coco, Nancy.

After a rival of her departed grandfather ends up dead, hotel and fudge-shop owner Allie McMurphy becomes the prime suspect.

ORDER # M1013-2   $12-40   ISBN 9780758287106


Freezer I'll Shoot (Vintage Kitchen Mysteries):  Hamilton, Victoria.

When vintage kitchenware enthusiast Jaymie Leighton discovers a dead man with an ice pick in his heart, she has to sharpen her sleuthing skills to chip away at the mystery.

ORDER # M1013-3   $12-40   ISBN 9780425252376


Fixing to Die (Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper):  Viets, Elaine.

When Josie and her husband find a dead body in the backyard, it's up to them to solve the mystery before the killer strikes even closer to home.

ORDER # M1013-4   $12-40   ISBN 9780451240989


A Potion to Die For (Magic Potion Mysteries):  Blake, Heather.

After Carly Bell Hartwell finds a dead man clutching one of the bottles from her magic potion shop, she soon finds herself the object of a witch hunt.

ORDER # M1013-5   $12-40   ISBN 9780451416308


Golden Malicious (Orchard Mysteries):  Connolly, Sheila.

Orchard owner Meg Corey investigates after she discovers a dead body at an old saw mill's forest reserve and an insect infestation comes to the area.

ORDER # M1013-6   $12-40   ISBN 9780425257104


Read It and Weep (Library Lover's Mysteries):  Mckinlay, Jenn.

When the Briar Creek Community Theater mounts its newest Shakespeare pro- duction, library director Lindsey Norris gets involved when a very-real villain shows up.

ORDER # M1013-7   $12-40   ISBN 9780425260722


The Quotient of Murder (Professor Sophie Knowles):  Madison, Ada. 

When winter seizes Henley College, Dr. Sophie Knowles must thaw out a cold case to track down a killer - her most difficult puzzle yet.

ORDER # M1013-8   $12-40   ISBN 9780425262702


Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice (Jesse Stone):  Brandman, Michael.

Providing security assistance at the site of a local film shoot where a starring actress has received death threats from her estranged jealous husband, Paradise police chief Jesse Stone arrests a distracted teen who has caused a horrible car crash only to find himself in a political conflict with wealthy locals, elected officials and the district attorney.

ORDER # M1013-9   $12-40   ISBN 9780425261286


The Thrill of the Haunt (Haunted Guesthouse Mysteries):  Copperman, E. J. 

Allison Kerby's haunted guesthouse business is thriving, but when two deaths land on her doorstep, she'll have to think fast before someone else checks out for good.

ORDER # M1013-10   $12-40   ISBN 9780425252390


Words With Fiends (Black Cat Bookshop Mysteries):  Brandon, Ali.

Brooklyn bookstore owner Darla Pettistone and her fat cat Hamlet are on the case when Darla's karate teacher is murdered.

ORDER # M1013-11   $12-40   ISBN 9780425252369


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