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Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way:  Pulos, Jenni, with Laura Morton.

A biographical advice book by the co-star of Flipping Out draws on her personal experiences with a dysfunctional family and humiliating disappointments to counsel readers on how to embrace a positive outlook, learn from failures and interact with sabotaging people.

ORDER # N114-1   $31-40   ISBN 9781250028198 


I Can See Clearly Now:  Dyer, Wayne W.

This memoir from the internationally renowned self-development expert describes the forks in the road of his life that became formative experiences and encourages readers to look back on their own lives and use their memories as paths to enlightenment.

ORDER # N114-2   $33-40   ISBN 9781401944032 


Recover!: Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life With the Perfect Program:  Peele, Stanton.

The author of Love and Addiction outlines a holistic new program for addicts and their families based on evidence-based treatments, CBT and meditation, rejecting conventional beliefs and programs to explain how readers can permanently overcome self-destructive compulsions.

ORDER # N114-3   $31-40   ISBN 9780738216751 


The Sacred History:  Booth, Mark.

A treasury of stories and illustrations about the wonders of the spiritual realm survey forefront myths of ancient civilizations through the discoveries of the modern world, describing history's perspectives on the role of angels and other spiritual helpers while examining how related beliefs have shaped culture, religion and identity. Illustrations.

ORDER # N114-4   $36-40   ISBN 9781451698565 


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