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A Rising Thunder (Honor Harrington):  David Weber

Peril and strife strike on a double front for Honor Harrington and company. After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington and the Star Kingdom she serves battle back against a new, technologically powerful, and utterly nefarious enemy. And as if that weren't task enough, Honor must also face down a centuries-old old nemesis in the crumbling, but still mighty, Solarian League. The war between the People's Republic of Haven and the Star Kingdom is finally won and peace established, but grave danger looms - for there is a plan well on its way to completion designed to enslave the entire human species. Behind that plan lies the shadowy organization known as the Mesan Alignment.

ORDER # S1213-1   $11-90   ISBN 9781451638714


A Study in Ashes: (The Baskerville Affair: 03):  Emma Jane Holloway

But Evelina's problems are only part of a larger war. The Baskerville affair is finally coming to light, and the rebels are making their move to wrest power from the barons and restore it to Queen Victoria. Missing heirs and nightmare hounds are the order of the day - or at least that's what Dr. Watson is telling the press. But their plans are doomed unless Evelina escapes to unite her magic with the rebels' machines - and even then her powers aren't what they used to be. A sorcerer has awakened a dark hunger in Evelina's soul, and only he can keep her from endangering them all. The only problem is - he's dead.

ORDER # S1213-2   $11-90   ISBN 9780345537201


Alien Research:  Gini Koch

When rumors of a new super-drug surface, the FBI comes to Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini for help. It becomes quickly apparent that the drug is merely the tip of a deadly iceberg and a much more insidious plan is underway involving Titan Security, Gaultier Enterprises, and YatesCorp. As newly discovered A-Cs and hybrids begin to surface, each with expanded and deadly talents, more and more signs point to a new evil genius who's using the A-Cs and their enemies both as guinea pigs. Then Area 51 and the Dulce Science Center go silent while Alpha Team, Airborne, and most of the worldwide A-C Security team are there for training. And if that's not bad enough, Centaurion Division is hit with more bad, and deadly, news: Chernobog the Ultimate, isn't a hacker myth, he's a real person - and he's on the bad guys' side.

ORDER # S1213-3   $11-90   ISBN 9780756409432


Barely Bewitched (Southern Witch):  Kimberly Frost

When Tammy Jo's misfiring magic attracts the attention of the World Association of Magic, a wand-wielding wizard and a menacing fire warlock show up to train her for a dangerous - and mandatory - challenge. But is there more to their arrival than they claim? The town comes unglued when a curse leads to a toxic spill of pixie dust and the doors between the human and faery worlds begin to open. To rescue the town and to face the challenge, Tammy needs help from the incredibly handsome Bryn Lyons, but the association known as WAM has declared him totally off-limits.

ORDER # S1213-4   $11-90   ISBN 9780425267561


Darklove: The Dark Ink Chronicles:  Elle Jasper

Utterly destroyed, or lost forever? This is the question that plagues Riley Poe. After her vampire lover, Eli Dupre, was seemingly murdered by a fallen angel, she receives word that he's actually trapped in an alternate dimension, where hell on earth is revealed and dark forces reign. Riley's been there before, and it nearly ripped her to pieces. But her efforts to find Eli are thwarted by a new foe: a powerful, unstoppable vampire is slaughtering humans. Riley knows how to handle a vamp, and with the WUP team by her side, she's determined to take down the rogue. But what she finds rocks her to the core, as she discovers a startling connection between the slaughter and Eli, who might not be missing after all - and who might not be the same vampire she fell in love with.

ORDER # S1213-5   $11-90   ISBN 9780451240057


Dark Heat: The Dark Kings Stories:  Donna Grant

The Dark Kings are sworn to defend an ancient legacy of dragon magic. But their fiercest challenge lies in the modern world, where a woman's love conquers all. These are their stories. Includes a bonus Dark Kings story: Passion's Claim! Dark Heat gathers together these favorite stories of Donna Grant's Dark Kings.
Dark Craving:
Fueled by ancient magic - and enflamed by human desire - the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love - with a mortal woman.

ORDER # S1213-6   $11-90   ISBN 9781250043788


Darkwalker: Nicolas Lenoir:  E.L. Tettensor

Once a legendary police inspector, Nicolas Lenoir is now a disillusioned and broken man who spends his days going through the motions and his evenings drinking away the nightmares of his past. Ten years ago, Lenoir barely escaped the grasp of the Darkwalker, a vengeful spirit who demands a terrible toll on those who have offended the dead. But the Darkwalker does not give up on his prey so easily, and Lenoir has always known his debt would come due one day. When Lenoir is assigned to a disturbing new case, he treats the job with his usual apathy - until his best informant, a street savvy orphan, is kidnapped. Desperate to find his young friend before the worst befalls him, Lenoir will do anything catch the monster responsible for the crimes, even if it means walking willingly into the arms of his own doom.

ORDER # S1213-7   $11-90   ISBN 9780451419989


Deadshifted (Edie Spence):  Cassie Alexander

Edie Spence is in desperate need of a vacation - some R&R away from the craziness that shadows her as a nurse dealing with paranormal patients. But as she and her shapeshifter boyfriend, Asher, set sail on a cruise for Hawaii, they'll realize that seasickness isn't the only thing threatening their romantic getaway. While on board, Asher comes face-to-face with Nathaniel, an old nemesis from his dark past. Asher is convinced he's up to no good - especially when passengers start to come down with a mysterious illness unlike anything Edie and Asher have ever encountered. Soon Edie finds herself fighting for the life of the one person who means the most to her - Asher.

ORDER # S1213-8   $11-90   ISBN 9781250037947


Elementary (All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters):  Mercedes Lackey

In March 1987, Mercedes Lackey, a young author from Oklahoma, published her first novel, Arrows of the Queen. No one could have envisioned that this modest book would be the beginning of a fantasy career that would span decades and more than a hundred novels, with no signs of slowing yet. And among Ms. Lackey's many novels, few are as critically-acclaimed and beloved as those of the Elemental Masters. The novels in this series are loosely based on classic fairy tales, and take place in a fantasy version of turn-of-the-century London, where magic is real and Elemental Masters control the powers of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Now the voices of other authors join Mercedes Lackey to add their own special touches to this delightful alternate history, in a world where magic is always just around the corner.

ORDER # S1213-9   $11-90   ISBN 9780756409593


Witch Wraith: Dark Legacy of Shannara:  Terry Brookes

For centuries the Four Lands enjoyed freedom from its demon-haunted past, protected by magic-enhanced borders from the dark dimension known as the Forbidding and the profound evil imprisoned there. But now the unthinkable is happening: The ancient wards securing the barrier between order and mayhem have begun to erode - and generations of bloodthirsty, monstrous creatures, fueled by a rage thousands of years in the making, are poised to spill forth, seeking revenge for what was done to them. Young Elf Arling Elessedil possesses the enchanted means to close the breach and once more seal the denizens of the Forbidding in their prison. But when she falls into the hands of the powerful Federation's diabolical Prime Minister, her efforts may be doomed. Only her determined sister, Aphen, who bears the Elfstones and commands their magic, has any hope of saving Arling from the hideous fate her captor has in store.

ORDER # S1213-10   $11-90   ISBN 9780345523549


Great North Road:  Peter F. Hamilton

A century from now, thanks to a technology allowing instantaneous travel across light-years, humanity has solved its energy shortages, cleaned up the environment, and created far-flung colony worlds. The keys to this empire belong to the powerful North family - composed of successive generations of clones. Yet these clones are not identical. For one thing, genetic errors have crept in with each generation. For another, the original three clone "brothers" have gone their separate ways, and the branches of the family are now friendly rivals more than allies. Or maybe not so friendly. At least that's what the murder of a North clone in the English city of Newcastle suggests to Detective Sidney Hurst. Sid is a solid investigator who'd like nothing better than to hand off this hot potato of a case. The way he figures it, whether he solves the crime or not, he'll make enough enemies to ruin his career.

ORDER # S1213-11   $11-90   ISBN 9780345526670


Farside (Grand Tour):  Ben Bova

Farside, the side of the Moon that never faces Earth, is the ideal location for an astronomical observatory. It is also the setting for a tangled web of politics, personal ambition, love, jealousy, and murder. Telescopes on Earth have detected an Earth-sized planet circling a star some thirty light-years away. Now the race is on to get pictures of that distant world, photographs and spectra that will show whether or not the planet is truly like Earth, and if it bears life. Farside will include the largest optical telescope in the solar system as well as a vast array of radio antennas, the most sensitive radio telescope possible, insulated from the interference of Earth's radio chatter by a thousand kilometers of the Moon's solid body.

ORDER # S1213-12   $11-90   ISBN 9780765363596


Heart of Stone:  Christine Warren

Ella Harrow is trying to carve out a normal life for herself. Well, as normal as an art geek with psychic abilities can hope for. As museum docent and gift-shop manager, Ella is able to keep her distance from people - and her powers in check -while surrounding herself with the artifacts she loves. But how on earth is she supposed to act normal when a thousand-year-old statue on the museum's terrace suddenly comes to life? Not your ordinary gargoyle, Kees has been asleep for eons, waiting for a portent of evil to wake him from his slumber. Kees isn't a vision; he's a bat-winged guardian created to protect the world from the seven demons of the Dark. Somehow, Ella triggered his reawakening. Maybe the demons have been unleashed? Maybe his heart is finally ready to be chiseled open? The fate of the world isn't carved in stone - yet.

ORDER # S1213-13   $11-90   ISBN 9781250012654


Unclaimed (The Amoveo Legend):  Sara Humphreys

Tatiana Winters loves the freedom of her life as a veterinarian in Oregon. It's only reluctantly that she agrees to help cure a mysterious illness among the horses on a Montana ranch - the ranch of the Amoveo Prince. Tatiana is no ordinary vet - she's a hybrid from the Timber Wolf Clan, but she wants nothing to do with the world of the Amoveo shifters. Dominic Trejada serves as a Guardian, one of the elite protectors of the Prince's Montana ranch. As a dedicated Amoveo warrior, he is desperate to find his mate, and time is running out. He knows Tatiana is the one - but if he can't convince her, he may not be able to protect her from the evil that's rapidly closing in.

ORDER # S1213-14   $11-90   ISBN 9781402258558


Invasive Species:  Joseph Wallace 

There can only be one dominant life form on Earth.
In the remote African wilderness, a rainforest is dying. But something else has come to life: A newly evolved predator that has survived the depredations of mankind, only to emerge from its natural habitat faster, stronger, and deadlier than anything humanity has ever faced. And it is no longer man.

ORDER # S1213-15   $13-90   ISBN 9780425269497


Shadowlands:  Sarah Read

Hathonia; the perfect place to live. That is, until the Shadows come - until the flames start to move in strange patterns, until one woman hears the call from the land of the Shadows: Simone. I need you. We need you.

ORDER # S1213-16   $11-90   ISBN 9781849633949


Once Upon a Time in Hell (Heaven's Gate):  Guy Adams

"Heaven? Hell? There's no difference. Angels, demons, we're all a bit of both. This could be the most wondrous place you ever experience or so terrifying it makes you pray for death. Not that death would help you of course, there's no escape from here. "Wormwood has appeared and for twenty four hours the gateway to the afterlife is wide open. But just because a door is open doesn't mean you should step through it…Those who have travelled to reach the town are realising that the challenges they've already faced were nothing compared to what lies ahead. The afterlife has an agenda of its own and with scheming on both sides of reality, the revelations to come may change the world forever.

ORDER # S1213-17   $11-90   ISBN 9781781081563


Shannivar: (Seven-Petaled Shield: 02):  Deborah Ross

Shannivar is a young warrior, skilled in horsemanship and archery and raised by her uncle, the clan chieftain. When all the other young warrior-women have set aside their bows and arrows for husbands, she still dreams of glory. Desperate to resist the imperialistic arm of the nearby growing empire, all of the clans of her nation are gathering to propose an alliance with each other and nearby, still-independent countries. As Shannivar and her fellow delegates travel to the meeting, they encounter a stranger, Zevaron, heir to the magical Seven-Petaled Shield. Zevaron also seeks to halt the empire's expansion on behalf of his own fallen lost nation and joins forces with Shannivar. Shannivar has never met anyone like Zevaron, with his aura of power and quiet assurance.

ORDER # S1213-18   $11-90   ISBN 9780756409203


Sunset of the Gods:  Steve White

Jason Thanou is a time traveler with a past - and a burning mission. When the gods of ancient Greece proved to be not only monstrously real, but totally alien - and poised to dominate humanity forever - Jason took care of the situation, at least in Minoan Crete. Now he's got what looks like a normal assignment: to lead a time traveling expedition of scholars to the battle of Marathon and record for the benefit of future historians the magnificent stand of Greece's hoplite warriors against Persian invaders. But the Olympians are not done with their attempt to dominate humanity. Now the god Pan is afoot in Greece - a creature who may have the power to turn ancient Athens away from her budding democracy and toward a corrupt future on an Earth dominated by twisted humans and evil alien forces. But not if Jason can discover Pan's secret, thwart a conspiracy that stretches for millennia - and save the birthplace of democracy from the corruption of the gods.

ORDER # S1213-19   $11-90   ISBN 9781476736167


Star Trek: The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms:  Dayton Ward

Following the resolution of the fertility crisis that nearly caused their extinction, the Andorian people now stand ready to rejoin the United Federation of Planets. The return of one of its founding member worlds is viewed by many as the first hopeful step beyond the uncertainty and tragedy that have overshadowed recent events in the Alpha Quadrant. But as the Federation looks to the future and the special election to name President Bacco's permanent successor, time is running out to apprehend those responsible for the respected leader's brutal assassination. Even as elements of the Typhon Pact are implicated for the murder, Admiral William Riker holds key knowledge of the true assassins - a revelation that could threaten the fragile Federation-Cardassian alliance.

ORDER # S1213-20   $11-90   ISBN 9781476718996


The Better Part of Valor: Confederation:  Tanya Huff 

A tale of pride, passion and sacrifice in the battle for Texas independence. No event in human history has captured the imagination like the battle of the Alamo. It is a tale of bold men whose honor, courage and sacrifice made them heroes in the fight for Texas independence. The Better Part of Valor chronicles the 13-day siege of the Alamo fortress through the eyes of its commander, William Barret Travis, and Caroline Girard, a woman whose life would change forever one fateful day in March.

ORDER # S1213-21   $13-90   ISBN 9780595160150


The Cormorant:  Chuck Wendig

Miriam is on the road again, having transitioned from "thief" to "killer". Hired by a wealthy businessman, she heads down to Florida to practice the one thing she's good at, but in her vision she sees him die by another's hand and on the wall written in blood is a message just for Miriam. She's expected.

ORDER # S1213-22   $11-90   ISBN 9780857663382


The Iron Breed:  Andre Norton

Two bestselling novels of science fiction adventure from the People saga of legendary storyteller Andre Norton together for the first time.
The Iron Cage: Johnny has always loved and been protected by the People, the bearlike inhabitants on the planet he calls home. But when a star ship arrives carrying Johnny's original species, humans - humans who seek to exploit the People for their own ends - Johnny is forced to choose between loyalty to the creatures he considers his family, and the need to reconnect with his long lost heritage.
Breed to Come: On a distant future Earth, humans have polluted the planet and departed, leaving their pets behind to inherit a blasted world. But from that devastated past, a new breed of intelligence arises: the catlike People. Now humans return and the People are in no mood to deal once again with the "demons" who abandoned them to fate so long ago.

ORDER # S1213-23   $11-90   ISBN 9781476736198


The Grendel Affair: SPI Files:  Lisa Shearin

When I moved to New York to become a world famous journalist, I never imagined that snagging a job at a seedy tabloid would change my career path from trashy reporter to undercover agent. I'm Makenna Fraser, a Seer for SPI. I can see through any disguise, shield, or spell that a paranormal pest can come up with. I track down creatures and my partner, Ian Byrne, takes them out. Our cases are generally pretty routine, but a sickle-wielding serial killer has been prowling the city's subway tunnels. And the murderer's not human. The fiend in question, a descendant of Grendel - yes, that Grendel - shares his ancestor's hatred of parties, revelry, and drunkards. And with New Year's Eve in Times Square only two days away, we need to bag him quickly. Because if we don't find him - and the organization behind him - by midnight, our secret's out and everyone's time is up.

ORDER # S1213-24   $11-90   ISBN 9780425266915


The Iron Wolves: Rage of Kings:  Andy Remic

Thirty years ago, the Iron Wolves held back mud-orc hordes at the Pass of Splintered Bones, and led a brutal charge that saw the sorcerer Morkagoth slain. This ended the War of Zakora, and made the Iron Wolves heroes. Now, a new terror stalks the realm. In hushed whispers, it is claimed the Horse Lady, Orlana the Changer, has escaped from the Chaos Halls and is building an army, twisting horses, lions and bears into terrible, bloody hunters, summoning mud-orcs from then slime and heading north to Vagandrak where, it said, the noble King Yoon has gone insane. After hearing a prophecy from a blind seer, aged General Dalgoran searches to reunite the heroes of old for what he believes will be the final battle. But as mud-orcs and twisted beasts tear through the land, Dalgoran discovers the Iron Wolves are no longer heroes of legend. Narnok is a violent whoremaster, Kiki a honey-leaf drug peddler, and Prince Zastarte a drinker, a gambler, amoral and decadent: now he likes to hear people scream as they burn.

ORDER # S1213-25   $11-90   ISBN 9780857663559


The Shadowed Throne (The Risen Sun):  K. J. Taylor

Arenadd Taranisäii, infamous leader of the Northern people, has vanished. Only his half-breed daughter Laela knows what happened to him. Left to rule her father's Kingdom, Laela is all that stands in the way of the war her cousin Saeddryn wants to declare. But Laela faces a far more dangerous enemy: the Night God herself wants Laela dead. Faced by enemies on all sides, Laela must learn to rule, and survive, with her griffin partner Oeka by her side. As allies come from unexpected places, someone new will enter Laela's life: the mysterious shapeshifter Kullervo. But soon the Night God will send the most dangerous enemy of all - the deadly Shadow That Walks, an invincible murderer created to fulfill only one mission: kill Laela.

ORDER # S1213-26   $11-90   ISBN 9780425258248


The Vastalimi Gambit (Cutter's Wars):  Steve Perry

At the close of the twenty-fourth century, a series of revolutions has caused the galaxy to descend into chaos. With the Galactic Union Army stretched thin, mercenary units have arisen for those who have the need - and the means - to hire them - Kay, the alien member of the Cutter Force Initiative, has returned to her brutal home world of Vast on a mission of mercy. Before she joined the merc team, she was a great healer. And now her skills are sorely needed. Hundreds of Vastalimi - including her blood-kin - are dying mysteriously. But is the plague a work of nature? Or is it a bio-engineered virus, purposefully unleashed? Kay and Doc Wink will have to find out the hard way.

ORDER # S1213-27   $11-90   ISBN 9780425256633


The Sharpest Blade (Shadow Reader):  Sandy Williams

After ten years of turmoil, the life McKenzie has always longed for may finally be within her grasp. No one is swinging a sword at her head or asking her to track the fae, and she finally has a regular - albeit boring - job. But when a ruthless enemy strikes against her friends, McKenzie abandons her attempt at normalcy and rushes back to the Realm. With the fae she loves and the fae she's tied to pulling her in different directions, McKenzie must uncover the truth behind the war and accept the painful sacrifices that must be made to end it. Armed with dangerous secrets and with powerful allies at her side, her actions will either rip the Realm apart - or save it.

ORDER # S1213-28   $11-90   ISBN 9780425265888


Large Size Paperbacks
A Game of Battleships (Chronicles of Isambard Smith):  Toby Frost 

In the 25th century the future of the galaxy rests on a knife-edge. The actions of one man could save the British Space Empire or leave Earth at the mercy of deadly legions of ant-people. That one man is Captain Isambard Smith, and Earth is in a lot of trouble. After blowing up a top-secret enemy base, Space Captain Smith and his crew deserve a rest. But their holiday ends when forces unknown destroy the robot convoy they were meant to be guarding. Smith finds himself in hot pursuit of a mysterious vessel that can pass through dimensions, incurring the wrath of the dreaded Grand Witchfinder of New Eden - which would be much easier to deal with if his pilot wasn't cowering under the dashboard and his spaceship wasn't infested with man-eating toads. Meanwhile, the Empire is gathering its allies to form a united front against alien tyranny. Unfortunately, the delicate negotiations have been entrusted to Major Wainscott, a man who knows no fear and very little about diplomacy or trousers.

ORDER # S1213-31   $16-90   ISBN 9781905802777


A Dance of Mirrors (Shadowdance):  David Dalglish 

The Underworld rules the city of Veldaren. Thieves, smugglers, assassins - they fear only one man. Thren Felhorn is the greatest assassin of his time. All the thieves' guilds of the city are under his unflinching control. If he has his way, death will soon spill out from the shadows and into the streets. Aaron is Thren's son, trained to be heir to his father's criminal empire. He's cold, ruthless - everything an assassin should be. But when Aaron risks his life to protect a priest's daughter from his own guild, he glimpses a world beyond piston, daggers, and the iron rule of his father.

ORDER # S1213-32   $18-90   ISBN 9780316242394


An Inch of Ashes (Chung Kuo):  David Wingrove 

It is 2206. As Chung Kuo's population continues to swell, the Seven - the ruling T'angs - are forced to make further concessions, laws must be relaxed and the House at Weinmar reopened. Change is coming, whether the Seven like it or not. The tides of unrest unleashed by earlier wars grow faster even than the population. DeVore secretly allies with newly appointed general, Hans Ebert. It seems that DeVore's plans are coming to fruition. But Ebert has his own schemes and plots - he intends to depose the Seven and control the whole of Chung Kuo. Includes more than 30 pages of character listing and Mandarin glossary.

ORDER # S1213-33   $18-90   ISBN 9780857898180


A Young Man Without Magic (Fall of the Sorcerers):  Lawrence Watt-Evans 

Anrel Murneau is a scholar, a young man with no magical ability, even though he is the son of two powerful sorcerers. Anrel's lack of talent bars him from the ruling classes, but he is content to be a simple clerk. Upon returning to his childhood home after years of study in the capital, Anrel finds his friends and family held under the thumb of the corrupt local lord. When this lord murders Anrel's dear friend, Anrel discovers that even though he's not a sorcerer, he is not without other means to demand justice. If he can survive life on the run.

ORDER # S1213-34   $18-90   ISBN 9780765337993


Board Stiff: Xanth #38:  Piers Anthony 

Be careful what you wish for. "I'm actually a smart girl who would make any man an excellent wife. But no man sees that. No man is interested in my mind or personality, just my whatevers. So here is my wish: I'm board stiff. I want Adventure, Excitement, and Romance." So begins Piers Anthony's 38th Xanth novel, in which Irrelevant Candy, looks at her reflection in the water of the shallow well and sees luxuriant midnight black hair to her breathtakingly slender waist, matching dark eyes in a lovely face. A torso coming yea-close to absolute perfection. She was man's desire. That was part of the problem. And in the shallow magic of a wishing well, she asks her wish to be granted. Something happens. A sudden whirlwind surrounds her, lifting her up and ripping off her clothing. She is changing, somehow. Then she falls flat on the ground. Literally. She has been transformed into a flat, stiff board with two knotholes for eyes.

ORDER # S1213-35   $21-90   ISBN 9781624670862


Ascension: Tangled Axon:  Jacqueline Koyanagi 

Alana Quick is the best damned sky surgeon in Heliodor City, but repairing starship engines barely pays the bills. When the desperate crew of a cargo vessel stops by her shipyard looking for her spiritually-advanced sister Nova, Alana stows away. Maybe her boldness will land her a long-term gig on the crew. But the Tangled Axon proves to be more than star-watching and plasma coils. The chief engineer thinks he's a wolf. The pilot fades in and out of existence. The captain is all blond hair, boots, and ego... and Alana can't keep her eyes off her. But there's little time for romance: Nova's in danger and someone will do anything - even destroying planets - to get their hands on her!

ORDER # S1213-36   $18-90   ISBN 9781607014010


Dragon's Teeth:  Mercedes Lackey 

A massive collection of wonderous science fiction and fantasy stories from New York Times best-selling Mercedes Lackey. Includes Fiddler Fair and Werehunter for the first time in one volume.
Fiddler Fair:
Running the gamut from her beloved Bardic fantasies to urban fantasy set in the modern world, from science fiction adventure to chilling horror, this is Mercedes Lackey at her best. Animal rights fanatics try to "liberate" genetically reconstructed dinosaurs. Lawrence of Arabia meets a power beyond human comprehension, and King Arthur is reborn into the present day when he again gains possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur.
A young woman who has been given the power to transform herself into a leopard, but she now finds herself pursued by a hunter who is more than human. Skitty, ship's cat extraordinaire, and telepathic problem-solver, saves the day on a spaceship. Return to the world of the Heralds of Valdemar series, and much more. Plus, Merecedes Lackey's celebrated occult detective Diana Tregarde, attends a gathering of romance writers and encounters a visitor whose passionate desire is for fresh, warm blood. ''

ORDER # S1213-37   $20-90   ISBN 9781451639438


Hello, World (Future Memories Collection):  Steven E Parton 

No Picture Available

In a future when only androids walk the surface, a small band of human survivors live underground in the Sanctuary of Souls where they protect the last remnants of their culture. For Cece, a nineteen year-old engineering prodigy, surviving isn't enough; she needs to grow, to reawaken the technological glory of her ancestors. But when it's discovered that she's building an android of her own to scout the uninhabitable surface, her complacent community turns their hatred for the walking machines against her. In this page turning expose, we follow Cece as she struggles against a society that weaponizes fear in order to suppress individuality. But can she find the courage to turn against everything she's ever known in order to define herself? Can you?

ORDER # S1213-38   $16-90   ISBN 9780991008810


Malice (The Faithful and the Fallen):  John Gwynne 

Corban wants nothing more than to be a warrior under King Brenin's rule - to protect and serve. But that day will come all too soon. And the price he pays will be in blood. Evnis has sacrificed - too much it seems. But what he wants - the power to rule - will soon be in his grasp. And nothing will stop him once he has started on his path. Veradis is the newest member of the warband for the High Prince, Nathair. He is one of the most skilled swordsman to come out of his homeland, yet he is always under the shadow of his older brother. Nathair has ideas - and a lot of plans. Many of them don't involve his father, the High King Aquilus. Nor does he agree with his father's idea to summon his fellow kings to council.

ORDER # S1213-39   $18-90   ISBN 9780316399739


England's Darkness:  Stephen Barber 

Following England's future corporate and digital disintegration, and the fall of its cities, a hallucinatory conflict - inspired and propelled by the history and traces of 1970s punk rock and the spectres of Jimmy Savile and Peter Sutcliffe, the "Kings of Leeds" - erupts between the South and the North, so virulent and all-engulfing that only fragments of its memory can survive. A contemporary myth of text and image, "England's Darkness" explores a culture on its precipice.

ORDER # S1213-40   $17-90   ISBN 9780985762537


Man-Kzin Wars XIV:  Larry Niven 

The perennially best-selling series set in Larry Niven's Man-Kzin universe continues with entry #14 including hard-hitting and thought-inducing tales from a host of talented contributors Hal Colebatch, Matthew Joseph Harrington, Alex Hernandez, Jessica Q. Fox, and more. The catlike alien Kzin, formerly invincible conquerors of all they encountered, must learn to compromise with humans if they wish to survive and prosper once again as a species. Larry Niven's bestselling Man-Kzin series continues! The kzin, formerly invincible conquerors of all they encountered, had a hard time dealing with their ignominious defeat by the leaf-eating humans. Some secretly hatched schemes for a re-match, others concentrated on gathering power within the kzin hierarchy, and some shamefully cooperated with the contemptible humans, though often for hidden motives.

ORDER # S1213-41   $18-90   ISBN 9781451639384


Perception:  Alaric Albertsson 

For years Dena Anderson had all but ignored her twin brother Dalton, but that was before the aliens arrived. The extra-terrestrial spacecraft neutralized satellite communications, power plants and even the military throughout the United States within hours, leaving Dena and the other residents of Hugo Drive helpless. Now, with her husband at her side, Dena Anderson must struggle to exist in a world without order while contending with local racism, hostile survivalists and the prejudice that has estranged her from her twin. Surrounded by danger, what Dena fears most is her next-door neighbor, a mysterious, surly man known only as Beaker.

ORDER # S1213-42   $20-90   ISBN 9781782792611


Population Countdown:  Nicolle Barbee 

Welcome to planet Earth, where a once-dominating species is defeated and outnumbered. Humans no longer rule the world. In fact, they're all headed for certain extinction. A new superhuman race, known as Suprans, has taken over. It has been eighteen years since the last human birth - children only live in the memory of survivors, and every remaining human is enslaved or in hiding. Yes, welcome to a new planet Earth, where Suprans are superior to humans in every way. Twenty-one-year-old Deandria Hannah lives in a hidden mountain facility, along with hundreds of other human rebels. Together, they work to survive, fight back, and save their own kind, but a chain of events will lead Deandria to question all she believes in - including her feelings for Clinton, the only good Supran she has ever known.

ORDER # S1213-43   $23-90   ISBN 9781628544442


Prospero Regained (Prospero's Daughter):  L. Jagi Lamplighter 

For centuries, Miranda has run Prospero Inc., a company that, unbeknownst to the general public, has protected the world from disasters natural, magical, and man-made. But her father has been kidnapped, and is being held by vengeful demons in Hell who wish to reclaim the Prosperos' seven magical staffs, which Prospero himself procured from King Solomon centuries ago. Only Miranda, if she can win the cooperation of her contentious, idiosyncratic younger siblings, can survive the perils of Hell and save their famous father before he is mired forever in the lower realm. Fighting the supernatural terrors of Hell - as well as one another - Miranda and her family will be tested in more ways than they can imagine before this journey through Hell is done.

ORDER # S1213-44   $21-90   ISBN 9780765337160


Starjumper Legacy: The Crystal Key:  Christopher Bailey

On Allie Bennett's thirteenth birthday, one special gift will unlock the gateway to an adventure that will span the galaxy, and throw her into a war decades in the making. Abandoned by her parents and adopted at a young age, Allie was working hard at living a normal life, until one special birthday gift from her missing mother changed everything and left her stranded, lost and alone on the wrong side of the galaxy. Fighting to survive in an alien world, Allie desperately hopes for rescue from her best friend Dav. When she learns the truth behind Dav's real purpose however, she finds that even the closest of friends can be far more, or less, than they seem. Betrayed at every turn, tangled in a web of secrets drawing ever tighter around her, hunted by a brutal tyrant, Allie holds in her hands the key to saving not only her own world, but the entire galaxy.

ORDER # S1213-45   $17-90   ISBN 9780989973403



No Picture Available

Included in Welcome Distractions are these stories and others.
"Aporia," reveals buried amongst the mounds of trash and hoarded items, in the home of Elda Patras, a discovery without explanation.
"Drones," is the story of a decorated sniper and the drone operator desperate for his friendship.
In "The Power of the Warrior," to protect his son Burl Jenkins makes his last stand with shotgun in hand.
"Pray," begins with a young man suffering a horrific attack while on vacation. Then returning home realizes his nightmare has just begun.
In "Ghost are Bullshit," a pragmatic media mogul is offered a chance to partake in an exclusive séance.
"In Bloom," A young woman meets a charming older man at the bar. The attraction is mutual but their connection carries an ominous warning.

ORDER # S1213-46   $17-90   ISBN 9781626525023


Strykers (Strykers Syndicate):  K. M. Ruiz 

250 years after nuclear war, the dregs of humanity fight to survive on a ruined Earth while the rich and powerful plan to secretly ascend to another planet. But the enslaved soldiers of the elite rulers are a deadly new kind of human who are desperate for freedom and plan on fighting back against their masters. Threnody Corwin, a psion with the ability to channel electricity like lightning through anything she touches, is a soldier for the human government. On a suicide mission, Threnody and her team of Strykers are recruited by an unknown enemy: Lucas Serca, one of the most powerful psions alive, who is masquerading as human. Forming an uneasy alliance, the two groups escalate their fight with the ruling government and worldwide chaos ensues.

ORDER # S1213-47   $19-90   ISBN 9781250038463


Taste of Darkness (Healer):  Maria V. Snyder 

Avry knows hardship and trouble. She fought the plague and survived. She took on King Tohon and defeated him. But now her heart-mate, Kerrick, is missing, and Avry fears he's gone forever. But there's a more immediate theat. The Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own. With armies in disarray and the dead not staying down, Avry's healing powers are needed now more than ever. Torn between love and loyalty, Avry must choose her path carefully. For the future of her world depends on her decision.

ORDER # S1213-48   $18-90   ISBN 9780778315858


The Doctor and the Dinosaurs (A Weird West Tale):  Mike Resnick 

The time is April, 1885. Doc Holliday lies in bed in a sanitarium in Leadville, Colorado, expecting never to leave his room again. But the medicine man and great chief Geronimo needs him for one last adventure. Renegade Comanche medicine men object to the newly-signed treaty with Theodore Roosevelt. They are venting their displeasure on two white men who are desecrating tribal territory in Wyoming. Geronimo must protect the men or renege on his agreement with Roosevelt. He offers Doc one year of restored health in exchange for taking on this mission. Welcome to the birth of American paleontology, spearheaded by two brilliant men, Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, two men whose genius is only exceeded by their hatred for each other's guts.

ORDER # S1213-49   $21-90   ISBN 9781616148614


The Chosen Seed: (Forgotten Gods: 03):  Sarah Pinborough 

The tables have turned, and now Detective Inspector Cass Jones is a wanted man on the streets of London. Framed for murder and hunted by his former colleagues, Cass needs every ally he can get - including a very unexpected figure from his past. While detectives Hask and Ramsey search for the killer behind the lethal Strain II virus, Mr. Bright continues to pull strings from the shadows, and there are dire warnings of a final battle that could tear everything apart. As he searches for his kidnapped nephew while eluding his own pursuers, Cass is determined to find the answers - even if he has to confront the darkest secrets of the history of humanity to do it.

ORDER # S1213-50   $18-90   ISBN 9780425258507


The Hidden Crown: Northland - 1166:  David Haworth 

What would have happened if William of Normandy had lost the Battle of Hastings? What kind of nation would have been born if King Harald of Norway had conquered England instead? How different our history could have been if the wind had blown in the other direction for just one day in the summer of 1066. The Hidden Crown is an alternate-history adventure that takes place a hundred years after such events. The country that would have become Norman England has split in two: the Anglo-Norse kingdom of Northland and the Saxon realm of Ængland. The two nations have been at peace for nearly a century, that is until the dying king of Ængland unexpectedly names his nine-year-old granddaughter, Adelise, as his heir. During her journey home to Ængland through the wilds of Northland, the child-queen is rescued from a bloody assassination attempt by the young Northlandic soldier, Thurstan Ælfsson.

ORDER # S1213-51   $26-90   ISBN 9781782791973


The Last Ship:  William Brinkley 

The unimaginable has happened. The world has been plunged into all-out nuclear war. Sailing near the Arctic Circle, the U.S.S. Nathan James is relatively unscathed, but the future is grim and Captain Thomas is facing mutiny from the tattered remnants of his crew. With civilization in ruins, he urges those that remain - one-hundred-and-fifty-two men and twenty-six women - to pull together in search of land. Once they reach safety, however, the men and women on board realize that they are earth's last remaining survivors - and they've all been exposed to radiation. When none of the women seems able to conceive, fear sets in. Will this be the end of humankind?

ORDER # S1213-52   $20-90   ISBN 9780142181430


Venus on the Half-Shell:  Philip Jose Farmer 

Simon Wagstaff narrowly escapes the Deluge that destroys Earth when he happens upon an abandoned spaceship. A man without a planet, he gains immortality from an elixir drunk during an interlude with a cat-like alien queen. Now Simon must chart a 3,000-year course to the most distant corners of the multiverse, to seek out the answers to the questions no one can seem to answer.

ORDER # S1213-53   $16-90   ISBN 9781781163061


The Massive (Subcontinental: 02):  Brian Wood 

Still adrift and on the hunt for their sister ship, The Massive, the crew of the Kapital - all that's left of Callum Israel's dwindling environmental-activism group Ninth Wave - are challenged at every turn as they face mutiny, sharks, snowy isolation, and the tempting possibility of a new life on a utopian sea station. The strain of life in a crumbling world, as well as secrets about Israel's failing health, threaten to destroy a crew stretched to its limits.

ORDER # S1213-54   $23-90   ISBN 9781616553166


The Past That Might Have Been, the Future That May Come: Women Writing Fantastic Fiction, 1960s to the Present:  Lauren J. Lacey, Donald E. Palumbo 

This book explores how contemporary fantastic fiction by women writers responds to the past and imagines the future. The first two chapters look at revisionist rewritings of fairy tales and historical texts; the third and fourth focus on future-oriented narratives including dystopias and space fiction. Writers considered include Margaret Atwood, Octavia E. Butler, Angela Carter, Ursula K. Le Guin, Doris Lessing, and Jeanette Winterson, among others. The author argues that an analysis of how past and future are understood in women's fantastic fictions brings to light an "ethics of becoming" in the texts - a way of interrupting, revising and remaking problematic power structures that are tied to identity markers like class, gender and race. The book reveals how fantastic fiction can be read as narratives of disruption that enable the creation of an ethics of becoming.

ORDER # S1213-55   $48-90   ISBN 9780786478262


The Seventh Day:  Scott Shepherd 

Seven years after the Strangers decimated the planet, Joad is one of the Remaining, the few left unharmed when most of humanity was obliterated. He was halfway around the world when disaster struck and has been trying ever since to get home to Nemo, where he prays his wife waits for him. Days from his destination, Joad's thrown off-course by four merciless brothers who glide across The Flats in a pirate ship. In his escape, Joad reluctantly gains new companions. Together, they journey through a landscape equally beautiful and haunting, mysterious and magical - including The Fields, the deadly territory between them and Nemo. Filled with hope, horror, and wonder; The Seventh Day presents a world we haven't yet encountered but could just be around the corner.

ORDER # S1213-56   $17-90   ISBN 9781477808740


Hardcover Titles
A Wind in the Night: Noble Dead:  Barb Hendee 

In her quest to find the Orb of Spirit, Wynn Hygeorht is torn between two men who hate each other - her vampire protector, Chane Andraso, and the elf Osha, who has tender feelings for her. Now a strange series of clues leads them to a remote keep built on the dark cliffs of the coast of Witeny. The young duke there has been undergoing some disturbing changes - and so have the people and livestock in the outlying villages. Wynn has no idea what awaits her at this keep - an old enemy who wants nothing more than to see her dead. At the same time, Dhampir Magiere, Leesil, and Chap continue their desperate search for the Orb of Air, still burdened with the master assassin, Brot'an, and the elven outcast girl, Wayfarer. Still hunted by a team of assassins, they escape on the first available ship only to find themselves under the power of a sadistic captain.

ORDER # S1213-58   $32-90   ISBN 9780451465672


1920: America's Great War:  Robert Conroy 

Consider another 1920: Imperial Germany has become the most powerful nation in the world. In 1914, she had crushed England, France, and Russia in a war that was short but entirely devastating. By 1920, Kaiser Wilhelm II is looking for new lands to devour. The United States is fast becoming an economic super-power and the only nation that can conceivably threaten Germany. The U.S. is militarily inept, however, and is led by a sick and delusional president who wanted to avoid war at any price. Thus, Germany is able to ship a huge army to Mexico to support a puppet government. Her real goal: the invasion and permanent conquest of California and Texas.

ORDER # S1213-59   $32-90   ISBN 9781451639315


Andromeda's Choice (Legion of the Damned):  William C. Dietz 

Andromeda McKee rebuilt her life in the violent embrace of the Legion of the Damned in the days when cyborgs were first being introduced. Now she must choose between her conscience and her desire for vengeance. In a different world, Lady Catherine "Cat" Carletto would never have left her pampered life behind. But when Princess Ophelia became Empress Ophelia in a coup that claimed the lives of the princess's brother and all who supported him, including the Carletto family, Cat had to hide - or die. She became Legionnaire Andromeda McKee, and now she's a battle-scarred veteran who knows how to kill. Summoned to Earth to receive the Imperial Order of Merit from the empress herself, Andromeda learns that she isn't the sole surviving Carletto - her uncle Rex is not only still alive but also the leader of a resistance group determined to overthrow Ophelia.

ORDER # S1213-60   $32-90   ISBN 9780425256244


Brazen (Otherworld Tales):  Kelley Armstrong 

Bestseller Armstrong's newest Otherworld novella is a mediocre love story masquerading as an urban fantasy mystery. Heartbreaker werewolf Nick Sorrentino is dispatched to hunt Malcolm Danvers, the pack's sadistic former alpha; he is aided by supernatural PI Vanessa Callas, a fire demon whose abilities are never fully exploited in the story. Nick's assertion that Vanessa underestimates Malcolm is proven correct when one of her agents is injured to bait them. As Malcolm taunts them with gory tableaus of dead female victims (and Armstrong suggests that Malcolm may be gay, as though that has any bearing on his evilness), Vanessa discovers Nick is more than a handsome womanizer.

ORDER # S1213-61   $33-90   ISBN 9781596066168


Dangerous Women:  George R.R. Martin  

All new and original to this volume, the 21 stories in Dangerous Women include work by twelve New York Times bestsellers, and seven stories set in the authors' bestselling continuities - including a new "Outlander" story by Diana Gabaldon, a tale of Harry Dresden's world by Jim Butcher, a story from Lev Grossman set in the world of The Magicians, and a 35,000-word novella by George R. R. Martin about the Dance of the Dragons, the vast civil war that tore Westeros apart nearly two centuries before the events of A Game of Thrones. Also included are original stories of dangerous women - heroines and villains alike - by Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Sherilynn Kenyon, Lawrence Block, Carrie Vaughn, S. M. Stirling, Sharon Kay Penman, and many others.

ORDER # S1213-62   $36-90   ISBN 9780765332066


Hopeless, Maine Volume 2: Inheritance:  Tom Brown 

Continue with the adventures of young Salamandra, the orphaned, mysterious, witch-in-training on the haunted island of Hopeless, Maine! When Sal discovers she might have a grandfather living on the island, she seeks him out, only to find him full of even more mystery than the rest of her past. Before she can unravel the secrets of her family's past, however, her best friend, Owen, is thrust into a family trauma of his own. Salamandra must choose between helping Owen and finding the home and family she has always longed for.

ORDER # S1213-63   $23-90   ISBN 9781939867032


Kaleidocide: A Peacer Novel:  Dave Swavely 

In the near future, a post-quake San Francisco is ruled by a private corporation called the Bay Area Security Service. BASS has established and maintained order in this new city-state with a police force of "peacers" who have a license to kill, and the company has developed a cutting-edge antigravity technology coveted by the rest of the world. Michael Ares has recently inherited the throne of BASS, and immediately finds himself marked for assassination by an even more powerful leader, the Chinese general Zhang Sun. Michael doesn't understand why he was chosen to play this important role, nor does he know why Sun is so determined to see him dead. But to find out, he will first have to survive not just one attempt on his life, but an unrelenting barrage that has never failed to end in the death of the target. His only hope is to entrust his fate to an old friend whose company provides personal high-tech protection that is almost as impressive as the forces arrayed against him.

ORDER # S1213-64   $33-90   ISBN 9781250001504


Jim Butcher's Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin HC (Jim Butcher's the Dresden Files):  Jim Butcher and Mark Powers 

Harry Dresden, a Chicago private investigator and wizard, heads to a small, isolated Missouri town terrorized by Nevernever monsters. The singularly unfortunate Talbot family has suffered a curse that has decimated their number for generations, and only our hero can save them - that is, if he can survive hostile lawmen, the dark secrets of townsfolk, an ancient guardian spirit, and two deadly carnivores! Can Dresden cleanse the Talbot bloodline of its curse without a blood sacrifice of his own?

ORDER # S1213-65   $32-90   ISBN 9781606904381


Lexicon:  Max Barry 

At an exclusive school somewhere outside of Arlington, Virginia, students aren't taught history, geography, or mathematics - they are taught to persuade. Students learn to use language to manipulate minds, wielding words as weapons. The very best graduate as "poets," and enter a nameless organization of unknown purpose. Whip-smart runaway Emily Ruff is making a living from three-card Monte on the streets of San Francisco when she attracts the attention of the organization's recruiters. Drawn in to their strage world, which is populated by people named Brontë and Eliot, she learns their key rule: That every person can be classified by personality type, his mind segmented and ultimately unlocked by the skilful application of words. For this reason, she must never allow another person to truly know her, lest she herself be coerced.

ORDER # S1213-66   $37-90   ISBN 9781594205385


Legion's Universe: Prometheus at Large:  Joel Benson 

No Picture Available

Our universe is a strange and dangerous place, adrift in an infinite multiverse. Consider if you will, the phenomena of exploding suns, black holes, antimatter, vacuum energy, inflaton fields, quantum entanglement, wormholes, and the light-speed barrier that delays communication and movement in space. Consider the improbable and seemingly random events that produced the "just right" conditions for life on earth, and ask why worldwide extinctions over the last half-billion years enabled the relatively recent emergence of human intelligence. Consider why humans have not yet found any evidence of other spacefaring species, which begs the question: Why are we on this planet, in this universe, at this time, apparently alone? Only Legion, a man of the twentieth century can answer these and other questions as he uses his wits and superhuman abilities to fight his way to the stars and confronts extraterrestrial life in this galaxy and beyond.

ORDER # S1213-67   $32-90   ISBN 9781626524965


Raygun Chronicles:  Bryan Thomas Schmidt 

This crowd-funded homage to the genre of yesteryear falls oddly flat, despite the clear enthusiasm of its contributors for epic tales of space adventure. Contained within are two essays, a poem, and 24 space operas, some original to this volume while others are drawn from the magazine Ray Gun Revival, now gone after a seven-year run. Schmidt has acquired works from well-known authors like Seanan McGuire, Brenda Cooper, and the late A.C. Crispin (whose "Twilight World" may be the final StarBridge story to see print), as well as relative newcomers. Tales of nomadic justice appear next to stories about personal vengeance, first-contact accounts are side-by-side with time travel adventures, and farces like Milo James Fowler's "Captain Quasar and the Insurmountable Barrier of Space Junk" run alongside grim tales like Shaun Farrell's "Conversion.

ORDER # S1213-68   $35-90   ISBN 9780988125759


Mars, Inc: The Billionaire's Club:  Ben Bova 

How do you get to the Red Planet? Not via a benighted government program trapped in red tape and bound by budget constrictions, that's for sure. No, what it will take is a helping of adventure, science, corporate powerplays, a generous dollop of seduction - both in and out of the boardroom - and money, money, money! Art Thrasher knows this. He is a man with a driving vision: send humans to Mars. The government has utterly failed, but Thrasher has got the plan to accomplish such a feat: form a "club" or billionaires to chip in one billion a year until the dream is accomplished. But these are men and women who are tough cookies, addicted to a profitable bottom-line, and disdainful of pie-in-the-sky dreamers who want to use their cash to make somebody else's dreams come true.

ORDER # S1213-69   $32-90   ISBN 9781451639346


Star Trek Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library:  Larry Nemecek 

The Starfleet Reference Library: Stellar Cartography collects together ten original, never-before-seen large-format maps of the Star Trek universe. Pulled from the cartography archives of Starfleet Academy, these beautifully reproduced maps provide a rare opportunity to view the expanse of Federation space and beyond. The maps include an ancient Vulcan map, a Klingon Empire map from the pre-Organian Peace Treaty era (in the native Klingon), along with Federation maps from the modern era. Housed in a handsome clamshell case and paired with a fully-illustrated reference book providing detailed information on planets, systems, and topography, this exclusive collection showcases the Star Trek universe like never before.

ORDER # S1213-70   $89-90   ISBN 9781477805978


Rebel Spring: Falling Kingdoms:  Morgan Rhodes 

Auranos has been conquered and the three kingdoms - Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia - are now unwillingly united as one country called Mytica. But alluring, dangerous magic still beckons, and with it the chance to rule not just Mytica, but the world. CLEO is now a prisoner in her own palace, forced to be an ambassador for Mytica as the evil King Gaius lies to her people. MAGNUS stands to eventually inherit the new kingdom but is still obsessed with his feelings for his adopted sister Lucia.

ORDER # S1213-71   $24-90   ISBN 9781595145932


Voyage to Alpha Centauri:  Michael D. O'Brien 

Set eighty years in the future, this novel by the best-selling author Michael O'Brien is about an expedition sent from the planet Earth to Alpha Centauri, the star closest to our solar system. The Kosmos, a great ship that the central character Neil de Hoyos describes as a "flying city", is immense in size and capable of more than half light-speed. Hoyos is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who has played a major role in designing the ship. Hoyos has signed on as a passenger because he desires to escape the seemingly benign totalitarian government that controls everything on his home planet. He is a skeptical and quirky misanthropic humanist with old tragedies, loves, and hatreds that are secreted in his memory. The surprises that await him on the voyage - and its destination - will shatter all of his assumptions and point him to a true new horizon.

ORDER # S1213-72   $36-90   ISBN 9781586178321


The Chickens of Atlantis and Other Fowl and Filthy Fiends:  Robert Rankin 

Robert Rankin, the master of far-fetched fiction presents for the first time a book written in "the first monkey." Sure to be taken up as the newest of literary fads, Darwin, the educated ape here tells his life story to his legions of fans. Featuring chickens, Martians, doodlebugs, the far future, the distant past, Sherlock Holmes, Winston Churchill, dynamite, more monkeys than you can shake a stick at, barmen, pubs, the end of the world, and more, this is the fourth in Robert Rankin's series of steampunk-tinged Victoriana novels featuring the master detective Cameron Bell and his companion Darwin, the educated ape. This is another masterpiece of comic fiction and SF.

ORDER # S1213-73   $36-90   ISBN 9780575086456


Work Done for Hire:  Joe Haldeman 

Wounded in combat and honorably discharged nine years ago, Jack Daley still suffers nightmares from when he served his country as a sniper, racking up sixteen confirmed kills. Now a struggling author, Jack accepts an offer to write a near-future novel about a serial killer, based on a Hollywood script outline. It's an opportunity to build his writing career, and a future with his girlfriend, Kit Majors. But Jack's other talent is also in demand. A package arrives on his doorstep containing a sniper rifle, complete with silencer and ammunition - and the first installment of a $100,000 payment to kill a "bad man." The twisted offer is genuine. The people behind it are dangerous. They prove that they have Jack under surveillance. He can't run. He can't hide. And if he doesn't take the job, Kit will be in the crosshairs instead.

ORDER # S1213-74   $32-90   ISBN 9780425256886


The Land Across:  Gene Wolfe 

An American writer of travel guides in need of a new location chooses to travel to a small and obscure Eastern European country. The moment Grafton crosses the border he is in trouble, much more than he could have imagined. His passport is taken by guards, and then he is detained for not having it. He is released into the custody of a family, but is again detained. It becomes evident that there are supernatural agencies at work, but they are not in some ways as threatening as the brute forces of bureaucracy and corruption in that country. Is our hero in fact a spy for the CIA? Or is he an innocent citizen caught in a Kafkaesque trap?

ORDER # S1213-75   $32-90   ISBN 9780765335951


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