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Airtight:  David Rosenfelt

Judge Daniel Brennan is only days away from achieving a seat on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals bench when he's brutally stabbed to death in his garage. An army of media and law enforcement descend on the case, and thousands of tips pour in from the public. When one tip leads New Jersey policeman Luke Somers to Steven Gallagher, things quickly go wrong - even though Luke is instantly glorified for solving the case. But to one man, Luke is no hero. Chris Gallagher raised his brother, Steven, almost single-handedly and, certain that Steven is innocent, he won't rest until he sets the record straight. Thanks to Luke's newfound fame, he's an easy man to find, and Chris quickly makes it clear that Luke's own brother will die if Luke refuses to help clear Steven's name. So begins Luke's desperate attempt to find another suspect - any other suspect - in Judge Brennan's death. But Luke's investigation might open the door to powerful forces even more dangerous than Chris Gallagher.

ORDER # U1113-1   $12-40   ISBN 9781250040763


Blood Money (Jack Swyteck):  James Grippando

Sydney Bennett, a sexy nightclub waitress, is accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter for cramping her party life. Jack Swyteck knows he's taking on the most controversial case of his career by defending Sydney. When the shocking verdict of not guilty is announced, citizens across the country are outraged. Media-fed rumors of "blood money" - purported seven-figure book and movie deals - ratchet up the hysteria. On the night of Sydney's release, an angry mob outside the jail has gathered to serve its own justice. In the frenzy, an innocent young woman bearing a striking resemblance to the reviled Sydney Bennett ends up in a coma. But the victim's parents don't believe the attack was the tragic result of random mob violence.

ORDER # U1113-2   $14-50   ISBN 9780062109866


Homefront Movie Tie-in Edition:  Chuck Logan

Phil Broker and Nina Pryce moved to Glacier Falls, Minnesota, seeking some peace and rest. No one in the wintry backlands knows about them or how, just a few months back, they were major players in averting a serious act of terrorism - one that has left them both physically and psychologically shaken. But when a schoolyard bully provokes their daughter, Kit, and she gives him a bloody nose, the Broker family is set in the crosshairs of a vengeful local clan, notorious for violence and criminal behavior, that includes ex-con Gator Bodine, who knows a thing or two about Broker's past as an undercover cop. And when Gator learns of Broker's role in a drug sting that resulted in the death of a mobster's son, he lets the mob boss know just where to find Broker.

ORDER # U1113-3   $12-40   ISBN 9780062330901


Deep Deception:  James North

Kill Zone A highly contentious international conference on climate change triggers a wave of assassinations, but the killing of one particular political activist throws human rights worker Caroline Dupré unwittingly into the center of a deadly conspiracy. Before long, she is in a race against time, struggling for her life against killers hired by one of the world's most powerful men. The killers are closing in and Caroline is running out of time. Can she expose the diabolical plan, before it is set in motion? Will she survive?

ORDER # U1113-4   $14-50   ISBN 9781909841208


Ice Cold Kill:  Dana Haynes 

In Ice Cold Kill, Daria Gibron is a woman with a deadly past and an uncertain future. Living in exile in the United States after years working as a Shin-Bet agent, she's a thrill junkie who can't resist taking the occasional freelance job as an operative. It's a habit that has left a trail of corpses behind her - and high-powered enemies who have sworn revenge. En route to an impromptu meeting, Daria gets an anonymous tip-off that she's about to walk into an ambush. Unsure who is after her - or why - she soon learns that she's been set up. Someone has linked her to a much-sought-after terrorist, and now all the resources of the U.S. intelligence community are being marshaled against her. As she tries to escape the ever-tightening snare laid out for her, Daria must outrun, outthink, and outmaneuver some of the best intelligence agencies in a lethal, international game of cat and mouse - while the lives of millions hang in the balance.

ORDER # U1113-5   $14-50   ISBN 9781250036933


Larry Bond's Red Dragon Rising: Blood of War:  Larry Bond 

As depression and drought wrack China, the country's new premier has launched a deadly war with Vietnam. The assault has left the world on the precipice of disaster. U.S. Army Major Zeus Murphy disobeys his commander and plunges headlong into the conflict, leading the Vietnamese in a covert attack against the Chinese army massing on the border. If the gambit fails, China will roll over Vietnam - and Zeus will lose the only woman he has ever loved, kept prisoner in a secret base north of Hanoi. In the South China Sea, the USS McLane becomes a deadly pawn in a game of international chicken between the U.S. and China. If the American ship won't leave, the Chinese are prepared to sink it.

ORDER # U1113-6   $14-50   ISBN 9780765361011


Neither Five Nor Three:  Helen Macinnes 

Paul Haydn was on his way home at last, to New York and the civilian life he longed for, after years of War. Yet he would never forget the tormented people, desperate for refuge in Berlin. They had survived the War - but now a new, sinister presence threatened them, their families, the whole of society. Now he discovered that, back home, some of his former colleagues had dangerous political sympathies, that someone was trying to discredit the woman he had once loved. The pattern seemed suddenly familiar. He began to realise why there was such interest in his counter-propaganda skills.

ORDER # U1113-7   $14-50   ISBN 9781781161562


Pursuit:  Gene Hackman

Usually a by-the-book cop, Julie has too much at stake, raising her daughter on her own, to break protocol - until the mall killer pushes her over the line. Instead of kudos for saving his hostage, the Missouri State Criminal Investigation Unit hands Julie cold case duty. Among the forgotten files, she uncovers a disturbing connection between disappearances from years ago - all pretty girls, all presumed runaways. Now Julie's instincts have her hunting a predator still very much in the picture. Someone who pulls Julie into a harrowing chase - by abducting her own daughter.

ORDER # U1113-8   $12-40   ISBN 9781451623574


Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment (Covert-One):  Kyle Mills

With U.S. intelligence agencies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by bureaucracy, the president has been forced to establish his own clandestine group - Covert-One. It's activated only as a last resort, when the threat is on a global scale and time is running out.
When Dresner Industries unveils the Merge, a device that is destined to revolutionize the world and make the personal computer and smartphone obsolete, Covert-One operative Colonel Jon Smith is assigned to assess its military potential. He discovers that enhanced vision, real-time battlefield displays, unbreakable security, and near-perfect marksmanship are only the beginning of a technology that will change the face of warfare forever - and one that must be kept out of the hands of America's enemies at all costs.

ORDER # U1113-9   $12-40   ISBN 9780446539883


Shadow Woman:  Linda Howard

Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and makes a terrifying discovery: She doesn't recognize the face she sees in the mirror. She remembers what she looks like, but her reflection is someone else's. To add to the shock, two years seem to have disappeared from her life. Someone has gone to great and inexplicable lengths to keep those missing years hidden forever. But the past always finds a way to return. Strange memories soon begin to surface and, along with them, some unusual skills and talents that Lizette hasn't a clue about acquiring. Sensing that she's being monitored, Lizette suddenly knows how to search for bugs in her house and tracking devices in her car. What's more, she can elude surveillance - like a trained agent.

ORDER # U1113-10   $12-40   ISBN 9780345506948


Sinister:  Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush

Twenty years ago, a fire ravaged the Dillinger family's old homestead, killing Judd Dillinger and crippling his girlfriend. Most people blamed a serial arsonist who'd been around town. But strange things are happening in Prairie Creek, Wyoming, again. Ira Dillinger, the family's wealthy patriarch, has summoned his children home for his upcoming wedding. Eldest son, Colton, and his siblings don't approve of their father's gold-digging bride-to-be. But someone is making his displeasure felt in terrifying ways, setting fires just like in the past. Only this time, there will be no survivors. As fear and distrust spread through Prairie Creek, soon all the Dillingers, and those closest to them, are targets - and suspects. A killer has been honing his skill, feeding his fury, and waiting for the moment when the Dillingers come home - to die.

ORDER # U1113-11   $12-40   ISBN 9781420125788


The Game:  Tom Wood 

After executing a hit on a fellow assassin in Algiers, Victor - the world's deadliest hit man - is contracted by the CIA for an assignment that will take him across Europe to the blood-stained streets of Rome - and straight into hell. Victor must pose as his previous - and very much dead - target to figure out who the killer's next victim was going to be. But what was supposed to be a quick operation soon becomes much more complicated and treacherous. Forced to work with a group of ruthless mercenaries, Victor will face a choice he would rather not make: do the right thing, or sacrifice the only thing in the world he truly cares about - his own life.

ORDER # U1113-12   $14-50   ISBN 9780451417541


The Trinity Six:  Charles Cumming 

Recruited in the 1930s, the members of the Cambridge spy ring were the most notorious Soviet spies in history. But what if there were a sixth member of the ring whose identity was never revealed? Sam Gaddis is a divorced academic in need of money. A journalist friend tells him that she's uncovered the century's most extraordinary spy scandal. Within hours, she's dead. Soon Gaddis is in the crosshairs of a very real, very dangerous plot. Risking everything he has and everyone he loves, Gaddis follows leads that take him all over Europe and beyond, unraveling the layers of Cold War secrets surrounding the notorious sixth man. And, with MI6 trying to throw him off the trail, Gaddis approaches a shocking revelation that threatens the peace and security of modern Europe.

ORDER # U1113-13   $14-50   ISBN 9781250040787


The Wrath of Angels: (Charlie Parker):  John Connolly

Deep in the Maine woods, a wrecked plane is discovered. It was never reported missing, and there are no bodies, but what it conceals is powerful beyond comprehension: a record of those who have struck a deal with the devil. A new battle is about to commence in the war between light and darkness, and the list proves to be a deadly weapon. While private detective Charlie Parker fears his own name is there, he is certain that it must be secured from evil. For others, too, have joined the search: a beautiful, scarred woman with a taste for killing; a silent child who remembers his own death; and a serial killer known as the Collector. But the woods, too, are preparing, for other secrets lurk within their depths.

ORDER # U1113-14   $12-40   ISBN 9781476703039


Tiger by the Tail (Paladin of Shadows):  John Ringo

After saving America from Middle Eastern terrorists, even Mike Harmon and the Keldara could use a vacation. Of course, the Kildar's idea of a vacation includes taking down pirates in the Singapore Straits. But when he finds computer chips designed to run nuclear reactors in the pirate booty, Harmon has a new mission thrust upon him - discover how bottom-feeding thieves got their hands on top-secret technology. The chips are headed for newly democratic Myanmar, a country vital to American interests in the region. Now Harmon finds himself in a desperate race to learn who stole the chips and why. From glittering Hong Kong to the slums of Thailand to the swamps of Myanmar, Harmon and his Keldara team follow a trail of death and deceit across the glittering underbelly of Southeast Asia.

ORDER # U1113-15   $12-40   ISBN 9781476736150


Wake to Darkness (Brown and De Luca):  Maggie Shayne

Rachel de Luca's uncanny sense of perception is the key to her success as a self-help celebrity. Even before she regained her sight, she had a gift for seeing people's most carefully hidden secrets. But the secret she shares with Detective Mason Brown is one she has promised to keep. As for Mason, he sees Rachel more clearly than she'd like to admit. After a single night of adrenaline-fueled passion, they have agreed to keep their distance - until a string of murders brings them together again. Mason thinks that he can protect everyone he loves, including Rachel, by taking them to a winter hideaway, but danger follows them up the mountain.

ORDER # U1113-16   $12-40   ISBN 9780778315551


Hunting Eve (Eve Duncan: 02):  Johansen, Iris.

She was taken for a reason. Chosen for her skills as a forensic sculptor. Abducted by the deranged father of a serial killer and forced to reconstruct his dead son's skull from bone fragments. Now Eve Duncan has escaped her captor - and she's running for her life. Alone. Unarmed. In the mountains of Colorado, Eve must use all of her strength, courage, and wits to survive this madman's obsession. But Jim Doane is not the only player in the game. While Joe Quinn, Jane MacGuire, and Kendra Michaels search for Eve in the abandoned mining town that could be her ultimate refuge - or her grave - a stranger with ties to her long-ago past is closing in, circling like a wolf, and HUNTING EVE.

ORDER # U1113-17   $12-40   ISBN 9781250034342


Ground Zero (SuperBolan):  Pendleton, Don.

Assigned to rescue a high-ranking U.S. intelligence official who has been kidnapped by Somali pirates, Bolan discovers covert data indicating an imminent attack on U.S. soil, a threat that compels him to take out terrorist cells in New York before a critical United Nations vote on nuclear arms.

ORDER # U1113-18   $12-40   ISBN 9780373615650


Revolution Device (StonyMan):  Pendleton, Don.

When an electronics smuggling ring with terrorist ties begins distributing deadly IEDs to target American soldiers and diplomats, Stony Man's Able Team works to infiltrate and shut down the group while Phoenix Force directly confronts war-plotting terrorists in Iraq.

ORDER # U1113-19   $12-40   ISBN 9780373804429


Hard Targets (Executioner):  Pendleton, Don. 

Uncovering a link between the Buffalo police department and the Mafia while investigating a missing person's case, Mack Bolan's brother, Johnny, is forced to kill a corrupt officer and finds himself targeted by adversaries on both sides of the law.

ORDER # U1113-20   $9-00   ISBN 9780373644216

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