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Four Summoner's Tales:  Armstrong, Kelley; Liss, David; Golden, Christopher; & Maberry, Jonathan.

Four best-selling authors present this terrifying collection that includes Kelley Armstrong's 'Suffer the Children,' in which a stranger arrives in an isolated village in 19th-century Ontario, offering to bring the children who died from an acute diphtheria outbreak back to life - for a high price.

ORDER # H913-1   $21-90   ISBN 9781451696684 


The Daylight Gate:  Winterson, Jeanette.

Alice Nutter fights for justice when a group of women are accused of witchcraft during the reign of England's James I, when being Catholic is considered an act of treason and the Latin High Mass is comparable to the satanic Black Mass.

ORDER # H913-2   $33-90   ISBN 9780802121639 


Ghosts Know:  Campbell, Ramsey.

After publicly attacking psychic Frank Jasper, who he believes to be a talented charlatan, on his controversial talk radio program, Graham Wilde is plunged into a terrifying nightmare where reality and fantasy blur together after Jasper accuses him of being behind the disappearance of a teenage girl.

ORDER # H913-3   $33-90   ISBN 9780765336330 


The Heavens Rise:  Rice, Christopher.

When Niquette Delongpre is exposed to a small parasite deep in the swamps outside of New Orleans, she must come to grips with her mysterious and dangerous new powers to battle against a rising evil.

ORDER # H913-4   $33-90   ISBN 9781476716084 


Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute:  Howard, Jonathan 

In their mission to eradicate fear from the world, necromancer Johannes Cabal and the Fear Institute, believing that they have discovered where fear lives, enter the Dreamlands where they become trapped in a nightmarish world of phobias that torment and devastate.

ORDER # H913-5   $33-90   ISBN 9781250037527 


Let the Old Dreams Die:  Lindqvist, John Ajvide.

Called Sweden's Stephen King, the author of the internationally acclaimed Let the Right One In continues the story of Oskar and Eli in this terrifying collection that also includes 'Equinox,' in which a woman makes a disturbing discovery while taking care of her neighbor's house.

ORDER # H913-6   $33-90   ISBN 9780312620530 


The Necromancer's House:  Buehlman, Christopher.

A practicing warlock hoarding a massive collection of stolen Russian magic is not prepared to face a vengeful witch who wants to retrieve it in this new novel of terror and sorcery from the author of Those Across the River.

ORDER # H913-7   $33-90   ISBN 9780425256657 


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