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Caravan of Thieves:  David Rich 

Like his con artist father, Rollie Waters knows all the angles, and he's never fewer than two steps ahead of trouble. But unlike his father, Rollie is not a criminal. Only when he's working undercover for the Marines, inhabiting a false identity, is Rollie comfortable in his own skin. But after he's yanked out of his latest assignment and tossed into the brig, he's not that surprised to hear that a lot of government money has gone missing and the officials think Rollie's father took it. The only way to find Dan Waters is to trace the frail tendrils of truth scattered among Rollie's childhood memories. To do that, he'll have to go deep into the undercover identity of a lifetime - his own.

ORDER # U913-1   $14-50   ISBN: 9780451419255


Black Fridays: (Jason Stafford):  Michael Sears 

After two years in federal prison, Jason Stafford is no longer welcome on Wall Street. But due to his financial crime expertise, one firm wants him to quietly look for irregularities in the books of one of their junior traders, whose body was just pulled from the Long Island Sound. Raising an autistic five-year-old alone, Stafford can't refuse the lucrative offer. The job is supposed to last two weeks, tops. But soon he's facing threats and intimidation, and more people are dying. Stafford must fight for his life - while struggling to save his son from a different kind of danger.

ORDER # U913-2   $14-50   ISBN: 9780425269046


Roxy's Story (The Forbidden Series):  V.C. Andrews

Roxy Wilcox has always been rebellious and defiant - the exact opposite of her sweet, obedient younger sister, Emmie. After sixteen years of trying to discipline Roxy, their father snaps - and kicks her out of their Manhattan town house. Alone in the city, Roxy is determined to make it big and show them all - but how? A chance meeting with a stranger opens the door to a whole new life when he introduces her to the tantalizing world of high-class escorts, where Roxy will be taught how to walk, talk, and dress to seduce. She will be pampered, polished, and perfected in the art of satisfying the world's wealthiest men, and the rewards surpass Roxy's most extravagant dreams. But when a shattering tragedy reunites Roxy and Emmie, will the secrets shared between sisters bind them together - or tear them apart forever?

ORDER # U913-3   $12-40   ISBN: 9781451650884


Looking for Yesterday:  Marcia Muller 

Three years ago, Caro Warrick was acquitted for the murder of her best friend Amelia Bettencourt, but the lingering doubts of everyone around Caro are affecting her life. Sharon McCone is confident that she can succeed where other detectives have failed (though at times it's hard to shake her own misgivings about what happened), but when Caro is brutally beaten right at Sharon's doorstep, the investigation takes on a whole new course. How many more people remain at risk until Amelia's murderer is finally caught?

ORDER # U913-4   $14-50   ISBN: 9780446573368


The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor: Robert Kirkman

The zombie plague unleashes its horrors on the suburbs of Atlanta without warning, pitting the living against the dead. Caught in the mass exodus, Lilly Caul struggles to survive in a series of ragtag encampments and improvised shelters. But the Walkers are multiplying. Dogged by their feral hunger for flesh and crippled by fear, Lilly relies on the protection of good Samaritans by seeking refuge in a walled-in town once known as Woodbury, Georgia. At first, Woodbury seems like a perfect sanctuary. Squatters barter services for food, people have roofs over their heads, and the barricade expands, growing stronger every day. Best of all, a mysterious self-proclaimed leader named Philip Blake keeps the citizens in line. But Lilly begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.

ORDER # U913-5   $12-40   ISBN: 9781250049995


The Good Sister:  Wendy Corsi Staub

Sacred Sisters Catholic girls' school has hardly changed since Jen Archer was a student. Jen hoped her older daughter would thrive here. Instead, shy, studious Carley becomes the target of vicious bullies. But the real danger at Sacred Sisters goes much deeper. The only person Carley can talk to is "Angel," a kindred spirit she met online. Carley tells Angel everything - about her younger sister, about school, about the sudden death of her former best friend. Angel is her lifeline. And Angel is closer than she knows.

ORDER # U913-6   $12-40   ISBN: 9780062222374


Twist (Frank Quinn):  John Lutz 

Frank Quinn is a decorated ex-cop. A former homicide detective specialising in tracking serial killers. Now his niece, Carlie Hobbs, needs help. Someone is stalking her, and the NYPD can't stop him. A blonde, blue-eyed beauty, Carlie fits the victim type of the killer who's been terrorizing women - leaving them bound, gagged, and tortured with surgical precision. To win against the most personal adversary of his career, Quinn will have to set the perfect trap. All he needs is the perfect bait.

ORDER # U913-7   $14-50   ISBN: 9780786028290


Sleeping Dragons (Executioner: 419):  Pendleton, Don.

The Executioner is on the job after lethal nerve gas falls into the grasp of a Libyan terrorist.

ORDER # U913-8   $9-90  ISBN 9780373644193

Explosive Demand (SuperBolan: 161):  Pendleton, Don.

Bolan pulls out all the stops to anni- hilate an ex Russian Ma? a boss, a Thai pirate and a Russian power broker gunning for the rebirth of the Soviet Union as a superpower.

ORDER # U913-9   $12-40   ISBN 9780373615643


Prodigy Effect (Stony Man: 127):  Pendleton, Don.

Chinese Terrorists plot to accelerate a war between the U.S. and North Korea.

ORDER # U913-10   $12-40   ISBN 9780373804412


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